Celebrating Human Experience Family

Join us for another exciting event hosted by eye square after the closing of Memex Berlin 2023. As part of the Human Experience Family, we’re thrilled to present an additional event featuring captivating talks by industry experts.


Human Experience Family is a catalyzer for mega and meta steps to increase Human Experiences by synchronizing code, creativity and commerce. The human experience family provides intellectual and monetary biz investments, academic and intellectual exchange and free training and education, networking, and funding tips and decades of wisdom.

Meet our speakers


Frank Buckler, Supra Tools




Frank is doing in-depth research on AI/ML since 1993 to solve marketing’s most pressing problems for companies like Microsoft, Facebook, T-Mobile, Sonos, Allianz, Audi, Lóreal, DHL, P&G, UniCredit, Intel, Nespresso, Unilever, Metlife, Zalando, Deutsche Telekom, Solvay, Bayer, Nationwide, McKinsey, Simon & Kucher, Blue Bridge Partners, Kearney, and counting

Inventor of Neusrel (2001) as a result of my Ph.D. studies. Neusrel is a novel method for causal analysis, which is a step-change to conventional causal analysis methods (structural equation models with Lisrel, Amos, or PLS software as well as Bayesian Nets).


Leo 300x300

Leopold Meinert, eye square – Gaming Experience



Leopold Meinert works for eye square’s Shopper Experience Research Team as a Research Consultant. He’s also a member of the eye squares Gaming Tribe, which does research in the realm of gaming user experience. Leopold is passionate about developing high-quality market research findings using scientific approaches. He has advanced knowledge and interdisciplinary experience in socio-scientific research from his academic career. He is a Sociology and Technology Studies Master’s degree holder. He was previously a member of a research team at TU Berlin that studied the Covid-19 Pandemic and its consequences on everyday communication.


Julia Gurney © Foto by Keckeis Krupna

Julia Gurney – Digital Accessibility Research 



Julia Gurney is a Senior Research Consultant in the User Experience unit at eye square. Julia graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences with a special focus in marketing and research. Julia has previous work experience in the healthcare sector with a focus on patient relations and emerging electronic medical record systems. This work anchored her interest in working with the connection between people and technology. Julia works closely with the US market and works with both implicit and explicit data.


Dr. Jan Michael Kühn, eye square – Sys0 app




Jan-Michael oversees the Gaming Tribe and the system0 Media Ethnography app development. He also lends his help to all stages of research, especially fielding. He completed an ethnographic thesis on the production of electronic dance music in home recording studios while studying sociology of technology at the Technical University of Berlin. He went on to study labor, the economy of experience, and aesthetic seduction in the Berlin techno scene for his PhD.


Maria Elizabeth Samaniego Huber – “Gratitude” app



Maria Elizabeth Samaniego Huber is a highly motivated Bachelor of Arts student, specializing in Business Engineering and Advertising and Brand Communication. With exceptional academic achievements and a track record of leadership as Vice President of the student council, she brings a strong foundation to her current internship at eye square in the marketing department. Her analytical mindset, combined with her passion for entrepreneurship, enables her to provide valuable insights and contribute to the team’s projects and initiatives. With her dedication, adaptability, and proficiency in multiple languages, Maria is well-positioned to make a significant impact and thrive during her internship at eye square.

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Edge e.V. – Topic Coming Soon



Edge e.V. is an international group of artist-scientists studying and researching neuroscience in Berlin. A community, with varied perspectives on the intersections between art and neuroscience.

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Jochen Ade – Data Evaluation AI Tool



Jochen is a full-stack software developer with a rich background in product management. He is exploring the transformative potential of AI and LLMs (Large Language Models). Jochen has developed digital products across Europe, the US, and Asia, working for the scientifc publisher SpringerNature, T-Mobile UK and Sapient. His diverse interests and skills have allowed him to take on varied roles in projects. Presently, he freelances and collaborates closely with podojo.com, bringing innovative concepts to life.


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