Memex Masterclasses | eye square
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Berlin, Germany + online | September 16, 2022 Technology Psychology Art Research UX Perception

Memex Masterclasses

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UX Tests Overview

eye square

Fri. 16 September 2022

10:00 CEST

Dr. Julia Nitschke and Martina Boeck from eye square explain the key workings and features of a UX test. They address how UX tests can be adapted to remote setups and aligned to agile processes. Basic knowledge and typical UX pitfalls is also explored throughout the session!

Smartphone Eye Tracking Masterclass

Smartphone Eye-Tracking

Oculid  (Hybrid)

Fri. 16 September 2022

13:30 CEST

Stefan Ruff and Antje Venjakob from Oculid show you how to do an eye-tracking case study directly on your smartphone camera. They also give you some information on the eye-tracking services offered by Oculid.

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Eye-Tracking glasses

Pupil Labs (Hybrid)

Fri. 16 September 2022

15:00 CEST

Moritz Kassner and Kai Dierks from Pupil Labs explain how pupil invisible glasses, a handy tool for research, record data and provide auto upload recordings. Other features including face detection and automated analysis are also discussed.